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P R Nambiar (1946 July 26) is a renowned Astrologer who has immense and profound knowledge in Hindu predictive astrology. Remedial measures based on sastras also suggested, if any. Specialized in Kerala Astrology based on Prasna Marga, the classical text of astrology. Individual prasna based on career, wealth, health, marriage, married life, children. Ashtamngalya Kudumba prasna (elaborate prasna of all family members are also being carried out) Ashtamangalya Deva Prasna which is the speciality of Kerala is also carried out successfully. Around more than 1000 Ashtamangalya Deva Prasna has been conducted in different states of India.

Detailed horoscope discussion regarding lifespan, education, profession and career, foreign assignments etc are carried out. Horoscope matching, Muhurtha, Marriage counselling are also the specialities of Shri. P.R. Nambiar. All the questions and specific questions on any subject are also being answered. In Teaching and spreading the message of astrology in common man. Classes are being carried out in different places of Trivandrum and are still continuing.

Nambiar, who was born and brought up in North Malabar is a Paarambarya Jyolsyan (an Astrologer by heredity). He is an initiated devotee and life patron member of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

His 45 years experience in envisioning the Divine light helped thousands of people make a satisfied life. His speciality in Counseling helps find one’s weakness to be corrected and his exceptional skills in computing one’s life helps in giving Vocational guidance for Education, Marriage, Finance, Child Birth, etc. P R Nambiar is a versatile Astrologist who is well versed in preparing Horoscope and he is the master of Astrology who predicts the future by the positions of the planets and the Sun and the Moon.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.


Ashta mangalya Deva Prasnam (Finding of discrepancies of temple workship (Prathishta of Idol) based on Thandra sastra. Consultation regarding construction of new Temples and installation of dities) For those who have no horoscope with them Vivaha prasnam Career prasnam Santhana Prasnam Wealth Finance Home Health Thamboola Jyothisham

Astrology Teaching and Training

P R Nambiar is in fact the Jyothisha Acharya (Astrology Trainer) for more than 17000 aspirants by teaching Astrology or Jyothisham for decades. He started his Astrology learning at the age of 10 and started teaching since 1979 and still educating many people. He is the teacher to many famous Astrologers.


Discussion Prediction Remedial measures Counseling Weakness to be corrected Vocational guidance Education Higher Education Marriage Married Life Matching Child Birth Financial Progress etc...
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